7ps of Marketing in Mcdonalds Essay

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Marketing Mix (i.e.) 7 P’s


Product [pic]

A Product is any article, which a manufacturer can sell in open market. A Product has the capacity to satisfy human Wants. This creates Demand and facilitates marketing. The Product Mix includes the following variables:

Product line and Range

The various product line and range are as follow:

• Style, Shape, Design, color, quality and other Physical features of a Product.

• Packaging and labeling of a product.

• Branding and Trademark given to the Product.

• Product Innovation.

• Guarantees and Warranties given to a product.

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ft. carpet area on the ground floor with a clear height of 11-14 ft. and a frontage of at least 35 to 40 feet.

Mc Donald’s Store Structure



McDonald's, a guide to the benefits of JIT…

Inventory is the big thing right now in operations. This, along with lean operations and six-sigma are the buzz words being talked most about. But what exactly is the deal with JIT operations?

McDonald's is another example of a JIT system wherein McDonald's doesn't begin to cook (reheat and assemble what may or may not be actual food) its orders until a customer has placed a specific order.
What used to be the case was McDonald's would pre-cook a batch of hamburgers and let them sit under heat lamps. They would keep them for as long as possible and eventually discard what couldn't be sold. The only way to get a fresh hamburger under the old system was to make a special order. Now, due to more sophisticated burger-making technology (including a record-breaking bun toaster), McDonald's is able to make food fast enough to wait until it's been ordered.
What they do is they provide a customer with their order as fast as possible while having the finished product sitting in inventory for as short as possible.

What are the benefits for McDonald's ?

The major benefits for McDonald's are better food at a lower cost. McDonald's has found something that allows them to improve quality and lower costs. Let's take a look