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Critically discuss, with reference to current authors, what are the functional roles of marketing in an organization and in particular the roles of marketing research. The discussion should be supplemented with examples of organizations and their products/services of your choice.
This essay will explain importance of marketing research as a key to success of the company. This essay will also look in to some functional roles of marketing in an organization.
When people think of the concept of marketing they think of selling, advertising and distributing. As on the daily bases they are faced with television commercials, internet pop-ups and newspaper adverts. The main aim of marketing concept is to be able to achieve corporate goals by meeting and exceeding customer needs, and getting to know their needs better than the competition (Jobber, D (2009) P26. This action can be achieved throughout researching and understating costumer behaviour, awareness, motivation and performance. Throughout this activity institutions set processes for creating, delivering, exchange and communicating values for customers, partners and society in large. (Hardwick.P P5)
The functional map of marketing shows’ Key Areas’ of social marketing, in more depth detailed of the ‘Areas of competence’. The UK government set up to map with look over marketing with call MSSSB. All of the 8 areas are interlink with stakeholders requirements.(French,et al,.2009).Marketers at the different levels undertake different, actions of these functions. Some of the main functions on the unctional map are, provide strategic marketing direction for organisation, this function helps provide marketing information about the current market and trends. Marketing strategy helps to establish the products to the customers, and increase the awareness to the organisation. For organisation not to fail there marketing strategy have to be unique, as Bruce Heblerson said “Unless a business have unique advantage over its rivals, it has no reason to exist”(Shankar, Carpenter &,2013). Also recording to K-Mart and GM every company have to keep their strategy current and up to date and unique, its show that successful companies always have two marketing departments as one “one keeps furiously selling to the market of today; the other tries to figure out what the market of tomorrow will look like” as its to easy to fail behind in today market. This function operate marketing strategy with helps organisations to have clear marketing objectives as every organisation needs to have clear marketing objectives, and the major route to achieving organisational goals will depend on strategy Shankar, Carpenter &,2013).. This function allows organisation to predict their target market and what marketing strategy to follow, also what should be under take in the future. This function is appropriate for the large companies with large bugged, to spend on marketing strategy. The small companies with can’t afford this luxury don’t own a marketing department. All the research is done by manager with carry out all the functions of marketing, such as developing customer relationships, producing development and providing market feedback. The good example of a large company with has scored the popular concept of marketing is Bodyshop, even though BodyShop refused to set up marketing department, it growth to be one of leading brands. But as D Jobber claims in his book, is easie to notice that companies that do not have marketing department, are poorer on the information about current market, customer needs and changes in economy. (Jobber, D (2009) 795

Next factor with influence, organisation success is developing the customer proposition, this function is related to product or service, with provide reasons why a consumer would be beneficial from purchasing the product. The good example of this function is a