80 bullet items for research method Essay

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Module to participate in a group discussion
Module to submit assignment
Syllabus and all its contents
Academic credit analysis
I learned about my quarter credit of 4.5, total contact hours 45hrs, my lectures contact hours 36 and my threaded discussion contact hours 9rs.
Class activities for the quarter 4 which include weekly class discussion, class participation, midterm and final exam
Learned about what Research is and what Research is not.
Eight characteristics of research.
Sub problem – that is a question or problem that must be address before the main problem is resolved.
Hypothesis- that is a reasonable quests that needs to be proving. I learned about assumption –that is a statement that is presume to be fact.
Learned about theory
Learned about methodology- that is a process a researchers use to collect data and information is research work.
Learned about internet – A researchers use internet to access information online.
Learned about two types of research report which is Juried or refereed – a reviewed report
Nonjuried or nonrefereed – none reviewed report. E.g. Journal report.
Learned about checklist evaluating research- that a report juried that is judge.
Learned that a research that is not screen or viewed by expert is not valid
Guidelines in reviewing research by going to library to sort for information needed for case study.
I learned as a researcher, you must read more than articles.
I learned about research paper / APA Style – that first thing is to choose the research topic.
Learned about what research paper entails, like cover page, table of content, abstract, introduction, summary, conclusion and references.
I learned about APA style and what is stand for. –American Psychological Association.
I learned about the basic point of APA – Magin 1, double space and font.
I learned about citation – long quote and short quote.
I learned about the unknown author and unknown date.
I learned about the rules of references in APA style
I learned about tools of research and research methodology.
I learned about six general tools of research and each of them were explained in the class.
I learned about library and its resources as a tool of research.
I learned how to access information fast and efficiently.
I learned about the principle system for classification of knowledge which include Dewey decimal and library of congress system.
I learned bout computer and its software as a tool of research which include World Wide Web (www), electronic mail, news.
I learned about guideline on how to started on e-mail
I learned about measurement as a tool of research which involves substantial and insubstantial measurement.
I learned about validity and reliability of measurement and the vital role its play in research work.
I learned about statistics as a tool of research and the three step involves – principle function of statistic, descriptive and inferential statistic.
I learned about human mind as a tool of research and the six aspect of it which includes –critical thinking, deductive logic, inductive reasoning, scientific method and theory building.
I learned how language as a tool of research enable effective thinking.
And how language enable effective communication through writing.

I learned about the largest library in the world which is library of congress in USA.
I learned about google that is the most search engine in the world with 1,100,000,000 people visited the site per month. Amazing.
I learned about the Stratford library and numbers of staff.
I learned about the biggest online library in the world which is internet archive that has the largest delighted library to download free e-book.
I learned about the top 20 largest universities in the world which Harvard University top the list.
I learned that Indian has the largest university in the world.
I learned about countries with most Universities in the world is Indian with 8,407 Universities.
I learned about ten oldest