4. What Are Microcrystalline Tests? What Information Do They Used?

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Review Questions:
1What are club drugs? What are some of the factors that support the use of club drugs?
Club drugs are drugs that tend to be abused by teens and young adults at clubs, parties, etc.
The type of drugs that support the use of clubs drugs would be either environment or development. 2.What are screening tests? Why are they used?
Screening test are a type of test that can identify any substance that someone has used. They are used because they helps forensic scientist rule out any possibilities of drugs being used.
3.What are color tests? Why are these tests used?
Color test are used by introducing a chemical reagent to the drug, then you observe and examine if the material changes colors. The color test are mainly used with trying to find drugs at a crime scene.
4.What are microcrystalline tests? What information do they provide?
Microcrystalline test use the same method as the color test, but the morphology of the cyrstamls that form as well as the shape of it. The information they provide is that the test is more accurate than the color test, it is also much faster and you do not need to separate the substance from other substances its with.
5.What is spectrophotometry? How can this be useful in identifying drugs?
The spectrophotometer uses UV and infrared light and is tested to see how the light reflects or absorbs the light. Spectrophotometry is useful by identifying drugs. Like the color test, it cannot point out a specific drug but it is very useful for deciding if a drug is present.
Thinking Questions:Critical
6.Why are forensic scientists an important part of drug cases?
Forensic scientist are an important part of drug cases because they have different types of tests that they can use to help find and identify drugs.
7.If you were a forensic scientist and you were called to a crime scene to see if drugs were present, what would you do to