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Huntsville Project Plan

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Huntsville Project Plan

Project Scope:

The expansion project for JS Corporation to spread out its operations in Huntsville, Alabama in order to capitalize on potential growth and meet its strategic plan will begin April 17, 2006 with an expected completion date of June 16, 2007. An amount of 25,000 sq. ft. will be renovated in the existing "Boeing Corporation" facility. Total operating capital for the project is $3,450,000. For the project to be considered complete, the following deliverables must be met:

Project Deliverables include

• A completely operational manufacturing and distribution facility

• Acquisition of equipment required for production and distribution

• Meet and/or exceed all building code and safety standards

• Complete testing equipment

• Extensive walk through 1 week before completion and sign off by management.

• Recruiting and training of new personnel.

• Provide all appropriate Permits and approvals

Management Plan

The Board of Directors will be responsible for the final approval of the project and will determine the success level at completion. The Program Team will facilitate risk probabilities and scope changes. This committee will meet with the Project Manager should cost or duration problems arise. The Production Management is responsible for the plant operations and will conduct the final inspection and audit, which will be presented to the Program Team and the Board of Directors. Completion will be judged based upon success of the pre-production test manufacturing run and the faculties meeting written specifications.

Final audit and approval will be conducted by the Production Management. Once the audit is complete, the audit team will take its findings and recommendations to the Program Team for project approval and success evaluation.

Team Member Flow Chart:

WBS structure for the project

The WBS is made up of four phases which should total 57 weeks. Each phase has a list of tasks associated to it. Each responsible party is on the Responsibility Matrix/Resource Sheet. (See responsibility matrix located in Section B.)

The following is a list of activities with the start and end times for each. According to this schedule we will be ending the project before the prior to the estimated completion date of June 16, 2007


Recruit & Train Managers 4/17/06 Fri 5/26/06 Mon 12/11/06 Wed 1/31/07

Select Architect 4/17/06 Fri 4/28/06 Mon 4/17/06 Fri 4/28/06

Pre-Production Plan 4/17/06 Fri 4/28/06 Mon 4/17/06 Fri 4/28/06

Create Production Plan 5/1/2006 Fri 5/26/06 Wed 8/30/06 Wed 9/27/06

Select Real Estate Consultant 5/1/06 Fri 5/12/06 Mon 5/15/06 Fri 5/26/06

Building Concept 5/1/06 Fri 5/12/06 Mon 5/1/06 Fri 5/12/06

Site Procurement 5/15/06 Mon 6/12/06 Tue 5/30/06 Mon 6/26/06

Select General Contractor 5/15/06 Fri 5/26/06 Tue 6/13/06 Mon 6/26/06

Building Modification Design 5/15/06 Tue 7/25/06 Mon 5/15/06 Tue 7/25/06

Plant Personnel Recruiting 5/30/06 Tue 7/25/06 Thu 2/1/07 Wed 3/28/07

Equipment Procurement 5/30/06 Wed 11/15/06 Thu 9/28/06 Wed 3/28/07

Raw Material Procurement 5/30/06 Tue 7/25/06 Thu 3/1/07 Thu 4/26/07

Product Distribution Plan 5/30/06 Mon 6/12/06 Thu 3/29/07 Thu 4/12/07

Permits & Approvals 6/13/06 Tue 7/11/06 Tue 6/27/06 Tue 7/25/06

Truck Fleet Procurement 6/13/06 Tue 8/8/06 Fri 4/13/07 Fri 6/8/07

Site Preparation 7/26/06 Tue 8/22/06 Wed 7/26/06 Tue 8/22/06

Building Preparation 8/23/06 Wed 10/4/06 Wed 8/23/06 Wed 10/4/06

Warehouse construction 10/5/06 Wed 4/4/07 Thu 11/16/06 Thu 5/17/07

Building Renovation 10/5/06 Wed 2/14/07 Thu 10/5/06 Wed 2/14/07

Parking Lot 2/15/07 Wed 3/28/07 Thu 4/5/07 Thu 5/17/07

Building Interior 2/15/07 Wed 3/28/07 Thu 2/15/07 Wed 3/28/07

Equipment Installation 3/29/07 Thu 4/26/07