A Brief Note On Social Responsibility

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Social Responsibility
With the invention of social media and the availability of information provided by the Internet, businesses have to watch how they conduct themselves because they are constantly in the public eye. Today, businesses have to very precise and careful in how they operate themselves. Consumers are paying attention how they react to things that are in the news, their buying decision and so forth. Once a business goes out of these guidelines, it can be very detrimental to the health of this business.
Company Q was described as not behaving in a socially responsible manner. Closing stores in high crime rate areas, offering a limited amount of goods at a higher cost, and not giving day-old donations to the food bank show that this business is only worried about their products but lacking social responsibilities.
There are several actions that Company Q can take to improve their social responsibilities. First, Company Q should have performed an evaluation to find the root cause of why the two stores, they closed, were loosing profit. By conducting these evaluations, they would have found out were exactly they were loosing these profits. To take a socially responsible role in this matter, the business would have to understand their consumers and the communities the businesses are located. By doing that, the business will then continue to thrive and profits will then increase.
Secondly, Company Q did take a step in contributing to request of the customers by providing the items they had requested. Now this may sound good but where it fails is that they are providing them at higher expense. Once again, it took them years to approve this request. It does take very little effort to get to know your customers and that little effort can be the difference between success and failure. If they had provided these items sooner they may have seen some more profits. Consumers do look at business practices and that determines