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Executive Summary

A&D High Tech is a US medium size company that started to operate in the business of computer systems products and services in 1988. Due to fierce competition and decreasing profit margins, the company founder and CEO was seeking other growth opportunities by adopting two new strategies, namely: * Increasing sales nationally * Utilizing modern technology to increase operational efficiency
The company online store was the answer that would enable A&D High Tech to realize both growth strategies.
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The problem now is that the project schedule needs to be crashed so that it’s statistically and significantly probable that the schedule can be completed in time to meet the deadline within a reasonable budget increase.

Since the finishing time on November 27th is risky and has only 37% likelihood of completion; we have to look into other alternatives for shortening the project schedule with the least cost possible. In this section we will be presenting some alternatives to accomplish this objective and catch up with the holiday shopping season.
Overtime Work
We can shorten the project schedule by making resources work overtime on assignments, all activities on the critical path will be subject to investigation of this possibility. Since overtime work for resources has considerable downsides in real-life, like quality of work; we have therefore decided that resources work only from 4-5 hours as overtime per day.
The method for choosing the first tasks to be shrunk that by computing cost/day for all tasks on the critical path, choosing the least cost tasks, crashing those tasks on MS project the re-computing the new critical path, then iterating again.
Iteration 1:
By looking at the critical Path, we will find that activity 1.3.2 “Create Data Requirements” is the 1st activity on the path and is done by Stacey only which takes her 3