A Drink In The Passage Analysis

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“…black man conquers white world” (Paton 295). “A Drink in the Passage” by Alan Paton explores the relationship between both white and black South Africans after the colonization period in South Africa. The story begins with a piece of art which an African, named Edward Simelane created causing a conversation between him and von Rensburg late one night. Later in the story von Rensburg invited Simelane back to his apartment causing paranoia with Simelane. “A Drink in the Passage” displays the effects of the colonization in South Africa, express throughout story in the theme of racism in the use of setting, dialog, and symbolism of the art.
To begin, the main setting takes place in von Rensburg’s passage way or stoop for it would be considered improper to allow the African to enter his home which causes uneasiness with Simelane. For instance, Simelane thinks to himself, “I was thinking that one of the impersonal doors might open at any moment, a someone might see me in a ‘white’ building, and see me and von Rensburg breaking the liquor laws of the country” (Paton 297-298). Yet, the setting suggests that there may be laws to enforce the idea that both races do not
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To begin the setting is established at von Rensburg passage way which symbolizes the desire that both men wants a friendship. Yet, this desire cannot be obtained for there are laws forbidding both races to conversant. Later the dialog provides evidence of Simelane’s uneasiness and von Rensburg being ignorant to the situation. To continue with the symbolism of the art which represents Storge between parent and child. Paton suggests that love is the answer for it is a universal concept. Although, Alan Paton sheds light on the affects that colonization had on South Africa like racism in the 1960’s. His other work continue to impact Africa to improve the society surrounding