A Giant Among Women Case Analysis Essay

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A Giant Among Women, A Case Study Analysis
Through this case study analysis, I will provide you with background information about Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd., the key issues brought up by this dilemma, and an analysis of my recommendations on how to handle these issues. “The environment is intimidating, the service is bad, and they don’t understand my needs. Sometimes, there’s no dressing room, or it’s surrounded by men. It’s just not comfortable.” Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd., one of the largest bicycle manufactures in the world, has set out to improve the bicycler experience for their female consumers and eliminate customer reviews like the one quoted before. The Taiwanese based company has run many retail outlets before, but none
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This strategy would allow him to have Bonnie Tu and her team become Liv/giant brand leaders and allow them to install the core competencies of their business plan into the international stores, while allowing the subsidiary managers to make inventory and other operational decisions to best suit their market’s needs. “Transnational describes a condition in which material, people, and ideas cross – or transgress – national boundaries” Bonnie and her team have been working on a strategy for a Japan store and to shut it down would mean wasted effort and employee dissatisfaction. That is something Giant will want to avoid, especially since she just broke store opening profit records at the Taiwan store. The bicycle culture is reasonably similar in Japan and Taiwan, except women bicycle sales in Japan account for 70% of the bikes sold. If this data is true, that means Mr. Nakamura from the Japan sales division failed to see the market potential already, and I believe a joint effort between them would be the most satisfactory and beneficial to both employment parties. This way they can install the store layout similar to the Taiwan store but still be able to capitalize on the booming female demographic in Japan.
I believe that if Tony Lo chooses a transnational strategy that keeps Bonnie Tu and her team on board as brand leaders that can help develop this woman’s