A Good Man Is Hard To Find Literary Analysis

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In the fascinating short story, “A Good Man Is Hard To Find”, the author Flannery O’Connor ghastly yet profoundly depicts two events that lead up to the annihilation of a family. Although the future is unknown, no good can be gained when birthed from deception fueled by selfish motives. In the short story, “A Good Man Is Hard To Find”, the narrator illustrates what would be the catalyst in the list of events when she states, “There was a secret panel in this house, she said craftily, not telling the truth but wishing that she were”(433). Little did the grandmother know that such an untruth would start a domino effect that once started would have unfathomable repercussions. The grandmother knew that if she embellished story of the house, that she would be able to peak the …show more content…
Despite the almost life ending accident, the grandmother chooses not to accept any fault. The grandmother’s silence exemplifies the extent to which someone is willing to go in order to save face. The grandmother in a demonstration of some guilt is quick to have a conversation with strangers and exaggerates the details of the accident in a bid to get help. This may have been the grandmother’s way of trying to make right what has already been done. However, in an effort to appease the grandmother’s conscience, the grandmother recognizes one of the murderers, and quickly informs Misfit of that fact. The final domino has fallen and the grandmother realizes that there is no escaping this predicament and that the family’s lives are in danger. The grandmother then emulates the actions of a condemned person by trying to manipulate, compliment and convince the murder not to kill the only person who truly