A Lesson Before Dying Quote Analysis

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Making choices can be hard, but we all need to make a choice at some point. Have you ever known a man who is indecisive and can not figure out what he wants to do with his life? The answer is absolutely yes. Some people know exactly what they want to do; but others have no idea where to begin. In the novel A Lesson Before Dying, Grant can be characterized as a cynical young man who exhibits indecisive behavior.
Grant demonstrates his cynicism by not wanting to help teach his aunt’s friends godson, Jefferson. On page 14, Grant says, “‘Tante Lou, Miss Emma, Jefferson is dead. It is only a matter of weeks, maybe a couple of months--but he’s already dead. The past twenty-one years, we’ve done all we could do for Jefferson. He’s dead now. And I can’t raise the dead. All I can do is try to keep the others from ending up like this--but he’s gone from us. There’s nothing I can do anymore, nothing any of us can do anymore.’” This quote shows that Grant only cares for himself and he does not want anything to do with Jefferson anymore. Not to mention, Grant is very indecisive about what he wants to do with his life.
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You can always go to them.’[said Vivian] ‘I have thought about it many times.’ [Grant said] ‘Sure,’ she said. ‘You even did it once, but you came back. This is all we have, Grant.’” This quote shows that Grant is indecisive and he does not know what he wants for himself. Grant went to visit his parents in California and had the choice to stay; yet he came back and now he wants to leave again. Grant can not decide what he wants to do in his life so he keeps coming back to the same place. Be that as it may, Grant is very incisive and has no idea what he wants for his