A Study On Effectiveness Of Advertisement In Telecom Industry

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A study on Effectiveness Of

Advertisement in telecom industry

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B.K.School of Business Management,

Gujarat University,


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Dr. Prateek Kanchan

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Sachin chokhawala (1912)


The satiation and euphonies that accompany the success completion of a task would be incomplete without a mention of people who made it possible. So, with immense gratitude, we acknowledge all those, whose guidance and encouragement served as a beacon light and crowned my effort with success.

We thank Dr. Prateek kanchan, our faculty and project guide for his valuable guidance and suggestions.

Lastly, I would like to thank all those who have
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The next part include whole of research process used for the project. It contains research methodology, research objective, industry analysis and interpretation of the data, theory of advertising.

In this study I have collected data from survey by filling up the questionnaire. In this study, descriptive research design is used. After filling up the questionnaire I have analyze the data. The findings and recommendation and also conclusion are written at the end.

1. Introduction

The main area of the study is to study the Advertising in Telecom Industry in India and its Impact on Customers. The sources of data collection used in the study are both primary and secondary in nature. We are going to conduct a survey to know the impact of advertisements of telecom industry on customers which is part of primary data. We will collect the data from different websites mentioned in references which are the part of secondary data. In this report I have tried to analyze the present scenario of Indian telecom sector. The Real aim of the project is to study the effectiveness and response towards advertisements provided by major players, but many sub objectives are also included under this project so as to make it comprehensive one. In this project I have covered the Analysis of Telecom Industry of India. In this analysis I have shown history and present scenario of the Telecom industry in India. I have complemented this with the