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Marketing Plan

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1 Task 1 3
1.1 Executive Summary (198 words) 3
1.2 Company Overview (246 words) 3
1.3 Situation Analysis (379 words) 4
1.3.1 SWOT Analysis 4
1.3.2 Porter’s Five Forces 5
1.3.3 Steeple Analysis 5
1.3.4 Market Opportunity (218 words) 5
2 Task 2 6
2.1 Objectives for Market Entry (498 words) 6
2.2 Business Development Strategy (664 words) 8
2.2.1 Ansoff Matrix 8
2.2.2 Gap Filling 8
2.2.3 STP 9
3 Task 3 11
3.1 Marketing Mix (1,045 words) 11
4 Task 4 15
4.1 Market Entry Methods (276 words) 15
4.2 Roadmap (235 words) 16
4.3 Measurement and Control (548 words) 17
5 Appendices 19
5.1 SWOT Analysis 19
5.2 Porters Five Forces 19
5.3 Steeple Analysis 20
6 References 22

1 Task 1

1.1 Executive Summary (198 words)
The purpose of this marketing plan is to successfully integrate Netflix into Japan’s market. With rapid technological growth coupled and being one of the leading countries in the world for access to broadband, Japan is an attractive market to provide our instant online streaming services. There are environmental factors, which could positively or adversely impact our merge into Japan’s market. However, we are confident that positioning ourselves as a service that is highly personalized, low in cost, but also delivers convenience and numerous viewing options, Netflix will become the leader for success. Our target market includes English and Spanish speaking foreigners as well as Japanese residents. By segmenting the market as such, we are able to highly tailor our services and marketing efforts to obtain as many subscribers as possible and succeed profitability. Our marketing strategies are centered around our marketing mix, which aims to improve and/or promote services in which Netflix already offers in its home market. A one-year road map has been prepared to demonstrate market entry. Proceeding is evaluation methods and metrics that will be used to analyze our level of success and attractiveness in order to continuously increase value and awareness of our brand.
1.2 Company Overview (246 words)

Launching its services in 1999, Netflix has since been regarded as the worlds leading Internet streaming network, allowing users to purchase low monthly prescriptions to watch as many hours of TV shows, movies, original series, and featured films as they want. These can be viewed at anytime, from anywhere, on any number of electronic devices or delivered by DVD, right to the customer’s door. We provide services to over 57 million members in almost 50 countries and continue to put our efforts in expanding those numbers even more. Netflix prides itself in offering customers a simple, and straightforward delivery system with flat fee unlimited viewing, no commercials and no hassle online cancelation. Netflix users are also able to re-register for a subscription at any time. It is clear that Netflix recognizes customer convenience as the driving force for a strong competitive advantage. This is very different from our competitors whose services include pay-per-view or ad supported content. Such competitors providing similar services globally include Amazon, Apple and Hulu. These companies have strong brand recognition but either require yearly commitments, deliver commercial content, charge a higher rate, or provide less streaming options than that of Netflix. Unlike our competition, we are also excelling in our original content, giving us exclusive rights to many series such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.

The Figure below demonstrates Netflix market share with Amazon and Hulu in the countries home market, the United States.

1.3 Situation Analysis (379 words)
1.3.1 SWOT Analysis

For the complete SWOT Analysis reference Appendix 5.1

1.3.2 Customer, Corporation, Competition

Customer: Netflix customer base is broken