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The Reference section should start on a separate page under the centered heading References, which does not use bold font. The reference entries should appear in alphabetical order by authors' surname (or by title if works do not list an author) regardless of the type of source (e.g., book, film, journal article, website).

A. True

According to the APA Quick Reference Guide made by The University of North Carolina School of Social work, the heading styles applied to the body of the paper; title page, abstract, references, tables are not considered parts of body of the paper; therefore, headings on those pages are not bold. They also confirm that only the sources cited in the text of your paper are listed
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In option A they included the first name, APA does not include first names unless needed to distinguish authors with identical initials therefore option A is incorrect. Answer B failed to replace the & with the word and. Answer D used the correct citation format but uses present tense find, rather than past tense found, to refer to the published work.

5. Which choice shows the correct format for the second parenthetical citation of the Jeffrey T. Swan, Dennard Q. Rail, Mary N. Bushcombe (1995) source in a later paragraph in paper, using the following sentence: . In addition, the authors suggested that admissions officers should have frank discussions with applicants that clearly outline what the graduate program demands, expects, and requires of students.

A. ...demands, expects, and requires of students (Swan, Rail, & Bushcombe, 1995).

B...demands, expects, and requires of students [Swan, Rail, and Buschcombe, 1995].

...demands, expects, and requires of students (Swan, Rail & Bushcombe).

...demands, expects, and requires of students. (Swan et al, 1995)

...demands, expects, and requires of students (Swan et al., 1995).

According to the APA rules when citing works by more than two authors Use the last names of all authors in the first citation. Then, in all following citations, include only the last name of the first author followed by “et al.” Therefore options