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Abnormal psychology is yet to have been defined in absolute terms. The general accepted terms are the four d’s. The first is deviant, which refers to different or extreme abnormalities. Distressing, this can be unpleasant and/or upsetting to a person with a psychological abnormality. Lastly, dysfunctional inability to preform daily tasks due to abnormalities and being dangerous. Psychological norms are considered to have rules for social and individual thought ideas and activity. The acceptable norms are considered to be when followed to be norm. If the norms are broken it is considered to be abnormal. Society’s norms grow from a majority of the people who follow the same set of rules, values, habits, and skills in abnormal phycology. These norms would not be followed but broken abnormal thoughts are judged by circumstance. For example, if a person is depressed due to a divorce it would be normal. If a person is depressed due to a friendly greeting with no other rational explanation, then the depression would be considered abnormal. The psychodynamic and humanistic approach to the problem should be with care instead of critically because it is more effective. If in abnormal psychology, the free word associates can bring a better understanding of what points of view are due to the insight of the problem in normal psychology. The problem can be an emotional one that steams from a relationship in abnormal psychology. The problem can also be of a chemical imbalance that will show that the thoughts are deluded or delusional. Free associates can show where the problem lies in abnormal psychology, and the problem can be one that is an answer that is based on an irrational association and normal psychology and would show a rational connection, but sometimes a connection that is not conscious for the patient. The unconscious thought process is the key to finding the root of the problem if the person is in a state of mind that causes problems.
Abnormal and normal psychology is alike because they both deal with a behavior which reflects on the cultural backgrounds and beliefs as to which behaviors are normal. They are also very different if a behavior is not typical or out the ordinary. Understanding the difference between normal and abnormal psychology helps to recognize different mental disorders from a psychological perspective.
“Depression is a low, sad state in which life seems dark and its challenges overwhelming” (Comer, 2012, pg. 193). “Mania, the opposite of depression, is a state of breathless euphoria, or at least frenzied energy, in which people may have an exaggerated belief that the world is theirs for the taking” (Comer, 2012, pg.193). Depression would be characterized as a mood disorder which is described as disturbances of normal behavior, notably depressed, mania, and or alternating periods in each (Kowalski & Westen, 2011) . Getting out of bed every morning can become difficult for individuals who suffer from depression. For some who suffer from depression they may never experience episodes of mania. They experience lack of happiness the inability to wake up and do everyday tasks like going to work or even cleaning the house. Having the right diagnosis can result in a full recovery and having the ability to have a normal life without the feelings of depression.
The symptoms often differ from each individual and for some they are more severe. The emotional unstableness of an individual who is experiencing symptoms of depression often feel empty and find it hard to experience happiness. They often lack motivation to go out with friends or even have the energy to go to work and deal with daily tasks that for most people would come more easily. Those who suffer from depression tend to have more of a negative outlook on things and often blame themselves. Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Luvox, Remeron are different types of drugs used to treat different types of depression which are considered to be selective