Abolitionist Movement Dbq

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As slavery continued to expand and develop cruel intentions, people that opposed slavery began to advocate for slaves and to seek out options for restricting the expansion of slavery further into the west and ending slavery all together. The abolition of slavery began in the age of Abraham Lincoln. According to the Chicago Historical Society,
As early as the debates over the Declaration of Independence, slavery had divided Americans. But not until the 1830s did a mass movement, inspired by religious revivals that swept much of the North, emerge favoring the abolition of slavery. Unlike previous opponents of slavery, abolitionists demanded immediate rather than gradual emancipation. They spoke forcefully against slavery and slaveholders and insisted that African-Americans, once free, be accepted as equal citizens rather than being deported to Africa.
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Abolitionist ideas gradually took importance in northern churches and politics around the 1830s. For this reason, the regional animosity between North and South grew out of control and eventually lead up to the American Civil War. To some extent, the abolitionist movement was a religious movement that stressed the moral imperative to end the sinful practices of slavery and reexamine each person’s responsibility to uphold God’s will in