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Cassidy Fultz Do you think killing an innocent human being is ok? Is it ok to deliberately destroy a life? Abortion is a controversial topic thrown around whether it should be illegal or legal. There are two categories abortion breaks up into: Pro-life or Pro-choice. Pro-life supporters believe abortion should be illegal and is unjust. Pro-choice supporters believe that abortions should be legal and it is an individual right. Every individual is genetically unique at fertilization. Unborn babies deserve the right to life, which must be protected, because they are human beings. The pro-choice supporters believe that abortion is solely based on the decision of the mother and whether to or not to terminate her pregnancy. A women decides when she wants to have children and has ability to control her reproductive life. Pro-choice supporters say that the unborn baby becomes a human being at the time of after birth. Abortion is not considered termination of a baby, it is termination of the pregnancy. The cortex does not become functional until the 26th week, which is after abortions are performed. In this case, pro-choice supporters believe that the fetuses are incapable of feeling pain during the abortion procedure. Modern abortion procedures do not cause health issues, such as, cancer and mental health problems. The morality rate for a colonoscopy is 40 times greater than that of an abortion. Women who have experiences abortion have the same fertility of those who have had natural pregnancies. Abortion gives pro-choice supporters the option to not bring fetuses with abnormalities to full term. Some fetuses have such bad abnormalities that death may occur before birth or shorty after. Parents may not be able to care for disorders such as Down syndrome. Many couples do not have the ability to keep up or have the mental stability to take care of kids with such disorders. Women who were declined from abortion are more likely to be unemployed and live in poverty. A University of California at San Francisco study showed that 76% of the women who were denied abortion were more likely to live in poverty or live on unemployment benefits compared to the 44% of women who were able to go through the procedure. That study also showed that women who could not go through the procedure were more likely to stay in abusive relationships than women who had an abortion. Pro-life supporters say that most women who choose abortions do not have financial stableness to support a child. A 2005 survey asked women why they chose abortion and 73% of the women said they could not afford and support a child. Having a child is a life changing decision that requires a vast amount of dedication, consideration and preparation. Pregnancies that are unplanned are linked to birth defects, maternal depression and child abuse. The Congressional Budget Office proposed a bill that banned abortions nationwide after 20 weeks. They found that resulting additional births would increase the federal deficit by $225 million over nine years. Pro-choice supporters found a study that states abortion reduces crime. Crime rates dropped suddenly when states legalized abortion. A pro-choice philosopher named Peter Singer stated that abortion is population control. The world’s population is estimated to be at 9.3 billion people by 2050, which is equivalent to adding another India and China to the word. With this being said, Singer thinks that if abortion were unavailable the population increase would be significant. Many religious groups are against abortion and pro-choice, but United Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church, and the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations all support abortion and pro-choice. The Bible does not state the killing of the fetus equivalent to the killing of a human being. Although Catholic and Lutheran churches oppose abortion, their members think abortion should be legal in most cases versus illegal in most cases. Pro-life