Gay Marriage Essay examples

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Gay Marriage

1. Adoption rate
2. Financial gain to state and local – revenue from same sex marriage marriage licenses
3. Decrease cost for state benefit programs
4. Marriage provides both physical and psychological health benefits

1. Child Confusing
2. The Bible- Religion
3. No procreation
4. Transgender Law
5. Divorce rate
6. Man and Woman defined marriage

1. Should Gay Marriage be legal?
2. How does a same- sex marriage threaten your marriage?
3. Why shouldn’t same- sex couples have the same rights as everyone else? (They just want to marry the person they love.)
4. Why are so many people against equal rights for gay people?
5. Why do you want to make gay people second- class citizens?
6. How is same sex marriage different than when African- Americans were denied their rights before the civil rights movement?
7. Can same- sex marriage impact religious freedom?
8. Why do heterosexuals think they can love and raise children and families better than same – sex parents?
9. Do you agree with gay marriage?
10. Does saying the word marriage affect the way people think, or is it the same- sex relationship?
11. Is gay marriage a such thing, or just equal rights for other?

1. Woman who demand complete control of their body
2. Legal Abortion
3. Professionally – performed abortions reduces maternal injury and death caused by unsafe, illegal abortions.
4. Abortion gives pregnant woman the option
5. Reproductive choice protects woman from financial disadvantage
6. Abortion reduces welfare costs to taxpayers
7. Population Control
8. Health Issues
9. Rape


1. Using tax dollars to fund abortion
2. Abortion causes intense psychological pain and stress
3. Minors or young woman who