Essay on Abortion: Abortion and Christian Faith

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Abortion The controversy with abortion is easily one of the most talked about social issues in America. Starting off with the central moral question, is it right or wrong? While to some, mainly conservatives and people of Christian faith, stand against it and think it should be completely outlawed on a federal level, others, independents and liberals believe it’s a personal choice and should be nobody’s business but the person dealing with the situation. However, to every moral argument, there are multiple ways to view it and manipulate the matter to fit everyone’s personal, and ethical agenda. The thought of abortion in plain view without any back story or logical exceptions, is murder, and a devious act, only a harlot would consider. Some non-moral factors include looking at the situation as a means to avoid a corrupt and false upbringing in which the case the woman was raped or sexually abused by a family member. Looking at it in this light would seem like a necessary thing to do, to protect the feelings and wellbeing of both the mother and the child. By taking those actions in only those selected events would fall under one of the many positions traditionally taken in abortion. Unfortunately however, some women turn to abortion to cover up their irresponsible actions, and wouldn’t think twice. This is also a traditional position that even still today is being taken. People on both sides could argue all day long about how abortion is right or wrong, but in the end looking at abortion as a centralist is really the way to look at it in both a logical and ethical way. If the woman is at fault and she admits to her mistakes, it’s on her, not the government to pick up after her mess. If the tables were turned though, and a scenario like the ones stated above took place, where the woman couldn’t help herself it should count as a free pass. So where do you look for answers and the overall ethical way to go about an abortion? One would think the people of Christian faith, or perhaps a religious figurehead. While this may seem to be the right place to look, a person considering this should first do some research of their own, while not all people with a morally sound agenda hold an unbiased view on situations. Statistics show that that nearly half of the women who get abortions are Protestant, and over a quarter are Catholic (Vaughn 162). A good number of pro-life Americans do claim to be Christian and actually have or would attend an anti-abortion protest. The idea of bombing clinics, holding protest rallies and bashing pro-choice Americans, is irrelevant to the cause in which these pro-life people stand for. Equal human rights, and the right to choose for the best of one’s self. Harassing people on their way in to an appointment are making an already stressful day into completely unbearable and miserable. While protesters think they’re helping and making a difference, the majority of them are extremists whose view on the entire thing is essentially blurred, thinking harming others who are pro-abortion is taken as a positive thing ( How does this hold relevance in their eyes when the whole reason why they’re protesting is to prevent murder and save lives? Which is where the next point comes up. The first trimester of an unborn fetus’ life is considered to many as a ‘not’ living thing (Vaughn 195). It is simply a complex cell with the ability to produce more cells to one day become a living thing, so “murder” is hardly a relevant word when brought up around a pro-choice American. Which is why it appears that some pro-choice and many centralist Americans hold a Utilitarianism point of view when discussing abortions. If the fetus is unable to feel, move, and operate on its own, it wouldn’t be going through any sort of pain, if the stages are early enough. The woman getting the abortion done would