Abortion: Abortion and Individuals Advocating Women Essay

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Abortion is an issue that is faced all over the world, but is seen differently everywhere. It is an issue of whether it should be allowed or not in our society. There are the Pro-Life; those who are against abortion and feel that abortion is as sinful as committing murder. On the other hand there are the Pro-choice individuals advocating women’s rights to control her own body. There have also been issues with abortion whether it’s immoral, or moral I feel that there are good reasons and bad reasons for a woman to get an abortion and I will explain as such.
Abortion should be acceptable when it comes to difficult situations. These situations include when a woman has been raped, incest has occurred, genetic testing indicates abnormalities, if the woman chooses to do so and the fetus is less than 12 weeks of age.
In our reading we had some examples such as the 9-year-old girl who got impregnated with twins by her father, this is a perfect example of a good reason to accept abortion. Another one of our readings was the case of woman in Saudi Arabia who was pregnant before she got married and was in the process to get an abortion but was killed by her father because it was considered disowning the family. With technology so advanced in many countries many physicians can offer luxuries to people who wish to have the fetus tested for irregularities in their genetics. This is a way to catch a fetus at its early stages with a couple that may have genetic concerns regarding family history. Termination may be acceptable or beneficial if the physician indicates a poor quality of life or death at birth. Age and financial concerns are primary reasons why abortions occur here in the United States. Another indication as to an acceptable termination I feel is if a woman is having complications during pregnancy and the risk of the mother dying is probable than the mother should be saved and proceed with an abortion.
Too many people feel if the fetus is still in the early stages of pregnancy than it should be up to the woman whether or not she wants to keep the baby. Religion plays a big role in the ethics of abortion. In our book it argues that a human fetus starts developing at 8 weeks (Mappes, Zembaty, DeGrazia; p.p.35).
Many people feel that the fetus is a person from conception; these tend to be church involved individuals. To others they feel that the fetus is not yet a person at all. Others feel that by having abortion is just like killing a person with rights. To many people if the fetus is still in the early stages of pregnancy then it should be up to the woman whether or not she wants to keep the baby.
There are times when an abortion should not…