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Linda Hyatt
Instructor’s Kathryn Broyles
Course PHIL200
16 November 2014
Abortion and moral status of the fetus Many people in today's society like to argue that a fetus is not alive personally myself I believe that's not so. “Human life begins at conception. This was established 120 years ago by Wilhelm His, the father of human embryology”(Washington Times2008).It is true that the first 5 days after conception the egg has nutrition within it's self to take care of it's self. When day six hits “from now on, the embryo will depend on oxygen and nutrients from the mother’s bloodstream to survive”(Pobojewski 2008).Everyone hollers morals is it morally right is it morally wrong I believe that is for each person to decide themselves, however has it it ever morally right to kill anything that is alive. A fetus is alive it will grow to look like one of it's parent's given the chance. When something requires oxygen or nutrition to grow bigger how can anyone argue it is not a living thing. We was asked “Do all arguments about abortion come down to the question of what is the moral status of the fetus”? I would have to say no all arguments are not just over the moral status of the fetus a lot of arguments are just over morals period. The mother's morals are in play here to. People use lots of different reasons to excuse abortion while a lot of others use different reasons to fight against abortion. Upon sitting here and reading more and more I feel I have to change that answer to yes it does come down to the moral status of the fetus. Everything I read reflects back to is the fetus alive and there is many different opinions of if it is in fact a living thing. Though a fetus to me is alive at minute of conception others would argue no it is not until it is 3 months old in the womb. The way some view this subject makes me so mad, however I realize everyone is entitled to their own opinions. It is crazy that “Statistics show that many women believe in the immorality of the abortions but still have them for two distinct reasons: lack of