Abortion: Pregnancy and Smartest Thing Essay

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Abortion is the operating process to end a pregnancy by removing a fetus from the womb. Abortion is the hardest decision to make in life. It is also not the smartest thing to do. Abortion is murder to me because it’s just the same as taking another person’s life. Abortion was legalized in the United States in 1973. There have been approximately fifty million abortions since then. Half of all abortions are performed on women twenty four years old or younger. African American women have the most abortions around the United States. Many women have abortions because of financial problems, not emotionally prepared, and thinking that the child will ruin her life. In an abortion, a needle is guided into the fetus heart with the aid of ultrasound. The procedure is typically performed between ten and twelve weeks gestation.
Doctors are more likely to agree that abortion should continue to be allowed to take place up to twenty four weeks if they are given information about the circumstances under which termination at the latter end of this period would happen. More than half agree that abortion should continue to take place up to twenty four weeks when told that this involves two doctors agreeing that abortion is in the interests of the woman’s physical and mental health, and that abortion after twenty weeks is very rare. Abortion should be illegal. Abortion should be illegal because of the many health risk women face through getting an abortion. Women face both physical and mental risks through the abortion process.
Also abortion have been an abused law, many women…