Essay on Abortion: Reproduction and United States Law

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Should Abortion Be Legal?

Many people ponder the topic of abortion. It continues to be an increasing controversy between the Pro-Choice activists and the Pro-Life activists. It has been brought up in many religious and political debates all over the country. Women should definitely have the ability to control what they do with their body. One of these choices is whether or not to bear a child. Abortion is a problem of personal freedom. Should the government decide when a woman is to have children? Should religious organizers control your reproduction? If the mother makes a bad decision, should it not be her bad decision to make? Personal freedom is the right to make your own mistakes. Rape and incest victims and impregnated teens lives can be made a tad bit easier with having the choice of an abortion. The most important reason for abortion is rape and incest cases. When a non-related male rapes a woman and gets her pregnant, she should have the choice of aborting it. The fact of the matter is no woman who gets raped wants to be forced into keeping a child that is a result of something so tragic. The child will only remind the mother of the awful event that took place in her life. Having to bear the child will hurt the victim and her family emotionally. Incest cases are also a reason for abortion. When two related people reproduce, (whether it was consensual or not) they have the chance of the baby developing severe problems. Why put a child through the physical and mental disability that they would encounter throughout their life? While most children have happy stories of two parents that love each other and choose to reproduce, these children would have stories of them being the result of something terrible. What mother would want to explain something like this to their child? Personal freedom is at stake for the innocent women who were victims of rape and incest and might not have the choice of an abortion. Aside from rape and incest victims, teen girls who have become impregnated should also have the option of abortion. Girls are sometimes pressured into having sex for the first time without the proper precautions, which might cause them to conceive a child. This mistake is not always from laziness or stupidity but the lack of education on protection and abstinence. Should these girls be punished for their mistake and have…