Abraham Lincoln The Great Emancipator

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Lincoln the Great Emancipator Before the Civil War, times in a America were becoming quite chaotic to the issues of slavery and American liberties. Turmoil was at its’ highest in the south due to republican radicals and other abolitionists wanting to the ban slavery throughout the nation once and for all making this a free nation in which its foundation’s stood for. This was no easy task to accomplish, but without the “Great Emancipator”, Abraham Lincoln who knows or can say where our country would be today. Abraham Lincoln will forever be known as the “Great Emancipator” due towards his accomplished defeat and strife towards slavery. When Lincoln was a young boy, he was heavily interested in Politics and grew up educating himself on many subjects especially law, making him an extremely bright man. From the morals which he developed during his early years and eagerness to stand up for what is right instead of following the crowd would later give him the name the “Great Emancipator”. Also during those days he saw the conditions the slaves were being kept in gave him a sore eye on the idea on it. On assessing his views on slavery, he took the side of the Declaration of Independence. Those were not just words but our foundation of what America firmly stood for and who we are as people. "All men are created equal and are entitled to freedom and the pursuit of Happiness." He believed that all men of white and or color should not be chained by another man's power, and that every man was entitled to freedom in this country. In office he showed and proclaimed his views in front of the Senate and the House causing extreme division within the nation. As the civil war erupted, it had divided the nation up between the north and the South causing the most brutal and horrific wars known throughout history. Since the South decided to declare a state of secession, Lincoln decided to do everything in his power to bring the Confederate states back to Union control and be a single nation once and for all. If the Confederate states were not willing to join back with the Union and ban slavery, he would be plan to destroy the south, crushing slavery and all who stood for it once and for all. The imagination of the modern American minds about the war, was not just a war, but a struggle, a fight about color of skin. The North had waged total war on the South and was firm to punish the South for their crime and decision to secede from the country. Therefore the civil war had become one of the most gruesome and horrific wars throughout all of history. It is a shame that due to this escalating conflict, hundreds of thousands of people will lose their lives for the beliefs of equality. Others will also lose their lives for believing the idea of a free-labor/enterprise system. The fight was a cause greater than land, greater than power, it was for a cause to set mankind and especially the United States of a America a set standard of how we should morally treat one selves and avoid and set aside differences due the color or race of a certain