Essay on Absolutism: Monarchy and Absolute Rule

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Essay: While absolutism was the best government in the eyes of the ruling king or queen, democracy was better because the need for rights and the spread of power was increasing. Absolutism was good in the respect that the ruling head could get ideas through faster and pass laws much quicker but democracy would ensure that rulers could not become ruthless dictators that went against his/her people. These 3 documents one, two, and three were similar in because all three of them address why an absolute rule is the best way to govern a state. Document one is an explanation of why Machiavelli believes that an absolute rule is necessary to run a state. Machiavelli is talking about the absolute rule from perspective so he is speaking to not only his peers but future rulers. Document two is still talking about and absolute monarchy but in this case King James believes that god is very similar to absolute monarchs in the way he rules the world. King James is looking for from god the point of view in which he believes it is his right as god’s lieutenant to rule and absolute monarch. Document three is more of a straight forward take on the absolute monarchy where King Louis believes that all the people under the ruler should just listen to his orders and that’s all they are meant to do. He sees the rule from a more selfish point of view and does not look at the people’s needs and wants; his tone in this is much sterner. A document from the perspective of a peasant may have been useful in this as it would help me further understand how the general population felt about absolutism. Documents four, five, and six all spoke of why democracy is necessary and how absolutism can be a very dangerous way to govern a state. Document four written by Voltaire spoke about how in order to have a successful government and ultimately state, all men must be equal and protected under law. He is speaking from a democratic and at the time slightly idealistic point of view. In document five, John Locke talks about how if a government which was created to uphold the…