Abstinence Is Key Essay

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IMPORTANCE OF ABSTINENCE STDs, pregnancy, and emotional baggage are all nightmares in a teenager’s life. The only sure way to prevent these and other problems that come with sexual activity is abstinence. Abstinence is staying away from all sexual activities. The smartest thing to do when it comes to sex is remain abstinent until marriage. Pregnancy, STDs, and emotional baggage are just some examples of troubles that teenagers have to live with after making a mistake in having sex. So some useful advice is be “one less’ and remain abstinent. STDs are something that you really don’t want to have to live with. STDs are sexually transmitted diseases. Sometimes they are called STIs which are sexually transmitted infections. You get STDs from having sex or sexual contact with someone that has an STD. STDs can cause you to have to be on expensive medications, damage your relationship with your significant other, and put a permanent dent in your personal reputation. There are only two ways to prevent STDs. Those two ways are abstinence, and having sex with someone who has been abstinent their whole life. Abstinence is the preferred way because if there is no sex then there is no pregnancy or STDs. Pregnancy is another hard thing to live with when you are not planning it. Condoms lower the risk but will not prevent pregnancy or STDs 100%. Just like any other side effect of sexual activities, abstinence is the only way to prevent unplanned pregnancy. There is nothing harder than raising a child as teenager. It is very difficult to balance out school, your personal life, and raising a child. Pregnancy just like STDs can cause in a dent in your reputation. This can cause you to be called a “whore” or “slut”. Also something else that can happen is loss of friends because they do not approve of your decision to have sex.…