Essay on Abstract: 21 St Century and u. s. Politics

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Abstract (U.S. Politics)

Bailey, Holly. "Hillary Clinton isn't talking about 2016, but hints of a presidential run are there." Yahoo. N.p., 25 Sep 2013. Web. 26 Sep 2013. .

In an interview this past week, Hillary Clinton talked about women’s rights in the world, but more specifically in China. She talked about this for about ten minutes and when reporters asked about her possible running in 2016 she had a way to make it seem like she is not running in the upcoming election. But her husband and Hillary have been giving out subtle hints lately about her possible running in the 2016 election. One thing she said that could be interpreted as a way of saying that she is going to run is, “I think it is time for a full and clear eyed look on how far we have come in the 21st century and how far we still need to go with the help and full participation of women”. This could be taken as her wanted to run because she would be the first women president and in that statement she said with the help and participation of women.

My reaction to this is a little on the fence because Hillary hasn’t really said anything that would clearly indicate that she wants to run. Also we need someone that could really turn things around for our country and I don’t know if she’s exactly the right person for that. I like the fact that she is worrying about women’s rights and abuse in China but we need someone to pay attention to our county only until we are back to where we need to be. If she