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Self-Talk assignment

Being a full time college student I can honestly say I have a warped style of thinking about myself sometimes. One that I subscribe to on the daily is discounting the positives. Someone can tell me that I did really well on a quiz or assignment and all I can think is “actually my performance was average”. I know this type of thinking is awful and I need to start recognizing when I in fact do well. I know sometime it is good to be hard on yourself because more times than not it will help motivate you to do better and to out perform yourself. I often catch myself discounting the positives when it comes to my school performance. I have always been really hard on myself when it comes to school, which can sometimes be a good thing, but more often it has been getting worse. I decided that the strategy I would use would be the thought stopping technique. The reason I thought this would work for me was because I thought I was pretty observant with the thoughts that were coming and going in my brain. Little did I know that this was not the case, and negative thoughts would flutter in and out without any recognition. I would go throughout the day as normal and at the end would I would think “wow, I haven’t had a negative thought all day. This is really working”. After two days of this I knew something had to be up because I know I am a little more negative than this super positive person I thought I had become over night. This is when I transitioned to