Abuse: Alcohol Use Disorders Essay

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Alcohol Abuse
Emily Braden
February 8, 2013
Nancy Munoz

How do employers work when being under some kind of drug? In this case would e drunk in a work place. How the person is influenced to drink alcohol. Having to work will being over the flounced of alcohol can make you do more than your work is preformed. Many people can describe what is happening while being drunk at a workplace. Would a person that is abusing alcohol go to programs to help them from coming to work drunk. Mental health and alcohol can be the same but we will explain what is going on in the mind of the drunken employees. Depression is one of psychological factors why someone starts to drink alcohol. People drink because they are depressed, and they are like this because they feel guilty for something that is happening in their life. Such as devoice or a close friend has died. We look at these people that have this and we do not see the depression that they have because they do not talk about it. The natural depressant qualities of alcohol only add to this problem. Depression is also toward of drinking so much so this happens. Individuals with a lot of anxiety and stress often start drinking to take their worries off. Unfortunately, this rarely works, and drinking only leads to more problems. People with low self-esteem or those with a lot of conflicts in their relationships may start drinking to make they feel better. We also have those people that get peer pressure with friends and family. Many times peer pressure is the thing that gets people to start drinking. We usually see this in high school or collage students, but stay home moms, businessmen, and many others may drink in social settings simply because it is the thing to do, or their friends are drinking. When abusing alcohol in a workplace it can decrease your performance. Substance abusers tend to miss work more works days than their sober employees. They are more likely to arrive late at work. They also exhibit decreased productivity in the workplace. Employees who drink alcohol before coming to work may have show low motivation and a lack of attention to detail. When people see these drunken workers that means the entire work group may suffer. Substance abuse can result in poor communication, increased levels of stress and growing resentment among colleagues whose workload may increase as a result of the substance abuser poor productivity. They’re many hazards around a person that has come to work drunk. When a person is abusing alcohol in the workplace it increases the risk of…