Sociological Approach To Social Problems

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Social Problem The sociological approach towards social problems embodies a unique way of addressing the problem. It is noted that a social problem entails societal provoked conditions that harm a part of the problem hence violating the values and norms held by the society. In its manner, the sociological approach involves a focus on self-conscious and being aware that forces outside of an individual can often influence personal interaction with the community. The sociological approach recognizes that there are forces that a single person cannot control. According to Leon- Guerrero (2015), sociology provides people with self-consciousness. It is the knowledge that personal experiences result from social forces. On the other hand, social constructionism is a sociological perspective that supports the notion that some problems are more significant than others. Based on the social constructionism a problem becomes real when the society perceives it or defines an issue as problematic (Leon-Guerrero, …show more content…
Alcohol abuse characterizes to substantial impacts not only to an individual but the whole society. Alcohol abuse associates many challenges that affect even people not related to the abuser. Various scholars have argued that society is paying primarily for the alcohol-related problem more than any other social issue. It is that alcohol abuse contributes to interpersonal violence, medical expenses, health problems, domestic violence and problems and traffic accidents among others. The modern society is characterized by a tremendous increase in the number of teens who are consuming alcohol. Statics show that in the United States approximately eight teens die on a daily basis due to alcohol abuse. furthermore, violence among the teens as a result of alcohol abuse is very high noting that it leads to at least one rape in every two rape case of a person who is under eighteen