Abuse and Main Point Essay

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A. Body 1. Main Point #1 1. Elderly abuse and its different forms.
a. Physical Abuse
b. Emotional Abuse
c. Sexual Abuse
d. Neglect
e. Financial Exploitation
f. Health care fraud

Transition: Next I want to discuss with you the information gathered for the year 2013. 2. Main Point #2 1. Some of the frightening statistics behind nursing home abuse or neglect are.
a. 44 percent of nursing home residents have suffered from some type of abuse.
b. 48 percent reported having been treated or handled roughly.
c. 38 percent reported having witnessed the abuse of others.
d. 81 percent report having seen some form of verbal, physical, or other form of abuse last year
e. 85% of the staff of these nursing homes blame the abuse on insufficient staff and staff shortages.
f. Only approximately 20% of all cases of abuse are reported. The reasons they are not reported are either because those being abused are too cognitively impaired to remember enough to report it, or they are afraid of further abuse and not being believed.

Transition: Next I want to say how nursing homes and assisted living facilities are nothing more than an industry.

3. Main Point #3
1. What I mean when I say that these places are an industry, is that they are around to make money. Granted there are some places that do care about the well being of their residences.
2. They care for our elderly, my grandmother and possibly your loved ones at the lowest cost possible. Meaning: a. Minimal qualifications b. Inadequate staff c. Low wages

4. Main Point #4
1. I believe all nursing homes should have heightened security,…