Assignment 2 Child Abuse Completed Essay

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Assignment 2 Annotated Bibliographies
Jennifer George
SOC 490 Social Science
Dr. Susan Fournier
August 19, 2014

Child abuse is a key issue that I feel affect our population, which affect everyone that have some connection with children. As stated by the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act
“any recent act or failure to act on the part of a parent or caretaker which results in death, serious physical or emotional harm, sexual abuse or exploitation, or an act or failure to act, which presents an imminent risk of serious”. The people that have connection to our children are parents, teachers, relatives, social workers, bus drivers, and etc. Children are the future of our world, which we have to depend on becoming president of the united states to make sound judgment for our country, doctors and nurses to save or heal someone’s life, teacher to guide and teach children, senators, governments, and all other people that are involved in assisting in running and making decisions for the sake of our country. Children that are being abused physically, neglected, sexual, emotional, and abandoned are at risk of being serious harmed. The abuser and the child are the one that is most effected, because the child become hurt and withdrawn. I think some abuser are affected due to they have been abused in their childhood. Also some abuser has a conscious and some don’t, but they have to be punished if it means jail time. In my assignment I will research on eight categories of child abuse, which are neglectful supervision, physical abuse, physical neglect sexual abuse, medical abuse/neglect, emotional abuse, refusal to accept parental responsibility, and abandonment. Child abuse has become a main issue that affects our population and needs to be addressed.

Annotated Bibliography
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In this article it deliberates on the issue of child abuse as a social priority of work. It also talks about how concern social workers become involved in alleviating the causes of social problems by creating a broad program of legislative change, community action and family reconstruction.
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On this website it focuses on the Escape Family Resource Center which provides information on ways how parent can become better in raising their children. The center is located in Houston, Texas but is globally to provide child abuse and neglect prevention programs, court ordered a CPS approved parenting classes, parenting tips and tools that anyone can use to develop positive parenting, and co-parenting, appropriate discipline, anger management and conflict resolution skills.
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