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Name: Jairo Galarza Date: 03-02 -2015
Course Name: Culture and language Assignment: #1

Respond to the following questions/prompts as they relate to your ACADEMIC biography:
What school(s) did you attend?

When I was a child , I began studying in a public school since the first grade until second grade, I only had boy as a classmates, then I moved on to another city where I had girls and boys as classmates in a public school as well. Then at the age of 11, I started the high school, I finished the public high school at the age of 17. Then I went to the College far away from my home city, but I don’t finish yet, so it means I still am student.

What was school like for you?

So I think school was very important for everyone but the best times or moments for me was high school , the last three years was terrific , I made really good friends for the rest of the life, that’s why I say high school is one of the best special moment in every single student.

What prompted you to consider teaching as a career?
So at the beginning I just only had that option because I like English and languages because I would have been a tourist guide, but then I liked the idea to be an English teacher because I can show and teach to my students something that no one teacher cannot do it.

What does your academic future hold for you?
I wanna study a master degree