Academic Degree and Different Education Statuses Essay

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Social Construction of Reality

My social status is different depending on if I am at work, attending school, or at home with family and friends. At work, I am an Assistant Manager for a big retail store. I am over dozens of associates and my status is different from theirs in many ways. Not only do we have different positions and responsibilities but also have different education statuses. Some have college degrees, some bachelor’s degrees and some just associate degrees.
The job statuses are also different. I mostly interact most with my fellow management team whereas different level associates interact mostly with their level. Even the Store Director mostly interacts with his peers or people from home office. At home amongst family and close personal friends, my status is Husband, father, son and brother. I interact in a relaxed way at home. I can be myself and show my emotions. In the workplace I must act in a complete professional manner. It is not appropriate to share personal views and emotions about many topics. For example if someone at work were to ask, “How are you?” I would need to stay professional and say, “Fine, thank you”. At home if someone asked how I was doing, I would be able to explain what was truly going on. Interacting with people at work versus home can be like night and day.
Apart from the above statuses I am also involved in various community groups where I have different statues with different roles. I help mentor youths at my…