Academic Degree and Doctoral Program Essay

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In your understanding, what is a doctorate?
A Doctorate is when a person is a professional at what they have specialized in. At first I only though doctorate were Medical doctors or professors, as I started understanding the ranking structure I understand you can achieve a doctorates in any profession. The only profession I am unsure about are layers and their JD degrees.
How does this program fit with your current and future identity?
The program fits with my future and current identity because of the promotion that I’m seeking for. In my job in order to be promoted in senior management is to have a Doctorates degree. Degrees weigh heavy in my profession.
How prepared are you for the doctoral program?
I’m preparing myself mentally to shift form the Masters mindset to the Doctoral mindset. At first I was not prepared at all. However, I am not renewing some of my obligations I have so I may focus more on the program
How will you position yourself to succeed in the doctoral study?
In order to be successful in the Doctoral program I coming to an understanding that I can’t have a lot of extra activities going on at the same time. I thought I will be able too, however, after being in this introductory class I see I need to shift my focus.
What are your strengths?
I’m a time manager when it comes to managing my time at work. I am an excellent people person. I stay until the job is done.
What skills do you need to deepen or further to begin, advance, and complete the doctoral journey?
Time management is the key to this entire degree. I have to make time.
How are you ready to make a change in your life, transform your thinking, and expand your worldview?
I’ve starting reading more business books and changing, not renewing a lot of my extra…