Access Control System Essay

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Case Study #1: "Access Control System"

As the project manager to install an access control system (ACS) in the dormitory of the college, my team will develop a project scope statement that cover all the necessary tasks to completed, along with a timeline to complete all tasks, which the work for each task will be written out. Also, a Gantt chart will be created, that will illustrate the project tasks. Lastly, we will create a system diagram to illustrate all the equipment and connections that are required for this project.

Access Control System
Project Scope:
Install an access control system (ACS) into this small college dormitory. The ACS will automatically unlock the dormitory
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Step 1b is where we run all the cabling from the readers to the server switch, then to the server, main computer and rewire the cameras to ensure operability with new system.
Step two requires us to use RJ45 crimpers to terminate all the connectors to the CAT6 cabling, then connect cables to server switch, then connect switch to the server and the server to the main computer. Step 2a requires a network tester to test the connections from the readers to the servers and to the cameras to ensure that we have complete connectivity and good signal strength.
Step three involves turning the server on, then loading Windows Server 2008 software on the server; load the software for the proximity readers, facial recognition software for the cameras. Step 3a is where we will configure the server roles, the proximity readers and the facial recognition software.
Step four involves loading all the initial student information and authorized personnel information. Step 4a, we upload all the pictures of students and authorized personnel into the database.
Step five is where we do a complete system run to test the proximity readers, security cameras to ensure they are calibrated to turn towards the person entering the building, then to make sure the computers and facial recognition software is working and if needed, make any adjustments that are required. Step 5a, we create a backup of entire operating system and database.