Accessing The Program Tab University Of Phoenix Student Website

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Accessing The Program Tab University of Phoenix Student Website
Michael O'Dea
April 28, 2015
Kamal Faour

Accessing The Program Tab University of Phoenix Student Website
The University of Phoenix student website offers a variety of services and information for their students to utilize and become successful however, navigating the site can be challenging for some. This manual will help the student navigate the program tab.
The Program tab has valuable information about the student’s progress in their degree program. Things such as their GPA, credits completed, transferred, and remaining, schedule and grades, and other information relating to their program can be accessed via this tab. This manual will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to access this information.
Accessing The Program Tab
1. From the home screen scroll the mouse over to the tab that reads “Program”
a. See Below for example

2. Once you click on the “Program Tab” you will be redirected to the program tab home screen as shown below.
a. The Red Arrow indicates the students current GPA and progress of the degree program. This is helpful and motivational for the student to see results and track progress
b. The Blue Arrow indicates the students total number of credits required for the program. This box shows total completed credits, credits transferred, waived & assessed, and remaining credits.
c. The Yellow Arrow indicates the area where the student can find information on their