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Instructor: Wendy M. Donohoe, CPA Phone: 408-554-4318 (Drahmann appt) Office: Lucas 216UU Office Hours: Mon & Wed. 10:30-11:30am Kenna 101 (Drahmann Ctr) E-Mail: Course Description
People do not plan to fail in life, but often they do fail to plan. This course will examine the elements of how to plan your financial future. We will examine many elements involved in putting a plan into place, protecting assets working for you in your plan, and growing your assets in a way that comports with your personal risk profile.
Learning Objectives: Specific learning objectives (and skills) of this course are attached to this document.

Required text & subscription:
­Focus on Personal Finance: 4th Edition; Kapoor,Dlavay,Hughes, McGraw-Hill Irwin; 2012;
ISBN 978-0-07-803478-7
MorningStar Premier subscription: Will be provided to you by Morningstar.
Fidelity Research Tools and Website Use: Free

Required Supplies: If you have a laptop computer or tablet, bring it with you to class.
Personal Financial Planning Projects
The instructions for Personal Finance Projects are on Camino. There are 4 projects. Group work will be involved.

Participation takes many forms. I will look for the following in determining students’ daily participation:
1) Attendance: Half of your success in life is just “being there.” So, being there gets you 60% (I’m generous). Unexcused absences will result in additional assignments, and class presentations (these won’t be easy; just come to class). ** Attendance is mandatory on days with Guest Speakers.
2) Investment pick of the day: I intend to make time each class session for investment ideas you have. This gives us all an opportunity to hear your reasoning for the selection, and to hear counter points from others. I actually expect every student to share at least once on this. This brings daily participation up 10-15 points.
3) Recipe show ‘n tell: bring something to share with the class or take pictures of something you made that was “delish” and that might help keep money in our pockets instead of spending to go out and eat. This could add 20 points. Caffeinated beverages during the early morning hours can be particularly welcome.
4) Ask or email questions or comments on subject matter/quizzes. I prefer it to be brought up in class so that I can address the issue to a broader audience. These raise the grade by 5-10 points.
5) Submit a summary of a current event and relate it to subject matter that is relevant to our personal financial lives, as you understand it. This is a weekly opportunity to be turned in on Fridays only during the quarter for an additional 25 points for that day.
** University protocol is a failing grade for 3 or more unexcused absences.

Grading Participation 15% Personal Finance Exercises 1-3 60% 5 Year Forecast 25% Total 100%

Note: This class is an elective class, and is eligible to be taken P/NP if you are at least Junior standing. You must elect to take the class P/NP with the registrar as soon as possible. Forms are available at the Office of the Registrar.

Academic integrity: Violation of any of Leavey School of Business’ rules governing academic integrity will result in a course grade of “F”.

If you should require any reasonable accommodation under Section 504 ADA, please inform me as soon as possible.

Assignment Schedule Date Topic Pages In-Class Assignment Due
Net Worth basics

Investments/ Time Value of Money

Investment Vehicles

Using MS and Fidelity
Take Risk Profile Assessment on