Working in Northern Canada Essay

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A Brief Overview of a Financial Advisor 2 Duties and Responsibilities of Financial Advisor 3 Career Path for Becoming a Financial Advisor 4 Steps Required for Becoming a Senior Financial/Fiscal Advisor 5 Qualifications needed to be a Senior Fiscal Advisor in the North 5 Job Platform or Potential 6 Potential Remuneration and Comparison to the North 6 Investment Opportunities for the Northern Resident 7 Works Cited 8

A Brief Overview of a Financial Advisor
As a Senior Financial Advisor the ideal candidate would have demonstrated exceptional knowledge and have at a minimum of 3-5 years of experience as a financial advisor. The steps required for
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XI. Recommend strategies clients can use to achieve their financial goals and objectives, including specific recommendations in such areas as cash management, insurance coverage, and investment planning.”
This list is not exclusive and there are more responsibilities, however this outlines the basic duties. As a Financial Advisor clients and corporations alike depend on you to provide guidance on their finances and provide feedback on what type of investments should be made. As a financial advisor in the North it is essentially the same responsibilities as in the South, however they may come across instances where the client would rather like to invest in the north than the traditional investments. Or even they will be concerned about their family and meeting their basic needs rather than saving up an extensive amount and even saving for a lavish lifestyle. The financial advisor would have to understand the client’s situation and make recommendations with that in mind.
Career Path for Becoming a Financial Advisor
As stated earlier steps to become a financial advisor vary depending on the company. “For a financial institution like TD they require that a successful candidate have the following qualifications: * Licensed to sell Mutual Funds and 3-5 years industry experience. * Must have valid CSC (defined as less than 3 years old or currently IDA licensed) and one of PFP or CFP or PFPC (CFP to be done within 18