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Executive Summary
Forever Ltd is a company formed based on a business of selling and maintaining fitness equipment and taking exercise classes. We are the only company that create a personalized environment for children and young people to pursue their fitness goals. We have the best equipment and the best training program in this arena. We have the best weight-management programme. We introduced Healthier Lifestyle System which is a truly responsible, effective, weight-management programme. We offer this programme with confidence and it is unbeatable.
Forever Ltd focus only is a children and a young people who has a very inactive life and not taking enough exercise. We also focus on the professional woman who has a very active life and very little time to spend on fitness.
Forever Ltd is located in the central city .The area is upscale and affluent and has a number of fitness clubs or fitness equipment shops, but none of these serve both equipment and fitness class and also mainly focus on children, young people and professional women. Currently, there are 100,000 residents living in this area. This place is the central shopping facility area and very conveniently located.
Ffion, Frank and Freddie, owner of Forever Ltd are very exercise fanatics and has worked in this area for the past ten years. They created Forever Ltd in order to fill a need they have seen in fitness services and equipment provided to young people and women.
From the selection of workout machines and tutor by professional fitness consultant, Forever Ltd will create a supportive experience that will bring in new members by word of mouth.
The mission of Forever Ltd is to offer the finest, most innovative fitness equipment to the market. We also offer the best Healthier Lifestyle Programme that will create a children, young people and professional woman-focused workout environment that promotes confidence in our clients. By offering the highest quality products with premium supports, Forever Ltd will help them set new fitness goals.
The objectives of Forever Ltd is to achieve profitability within the first year, acquire 50+ memberships of the fitness class by the end of the first year of operation, generate sales revenue of equipment’s of £1 million within a year and become the best fitness company and training centre in the five years period.
Products & Services
Forever Ltd has a very unique type of strength training fitness equipment which is rowing machines, running machines and cycling machines. All of the machines are commercial quality, crafted in UK of the highest grade steels. In addition to being made flexible, they have roller that allowing them to be easily moved anywhere in the centre.
Forever Ltd has a professional training staff. Our personal trainers provide the knowledge and expertise in designing and implementing a fitness programme. Each trainer is certified by authority and has a first class treatment in first aid and CPR. Apart from that, each trainer has specific qualifications and training that enables them to provide each client with an individually designed programme.
The selling price of rowing, running and cycling machine excluding VAT is £1650, £2150, and £1400 respectively. And the class fee is £9.60 net VAT.
Market Analysis Summary
Forever Ltd has identified three local customers for sale of the fitness equipment which is Fitness Club 1 (Wonderland St), Fitness Club 2 (Muddy Coast St) and Fitness Club 3 (Wikiland St).
For fitness classes, Forever Ltd will focus on three customers group which is children (12-20 years old), Young people (21-35 years) and professional women.

Sales Strategy
The sales strategy will initially be based on the goal trying to get large clubs to adopt with our