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Things you need to do to ace the interview and be a success at Google
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"Google isn't looking for the smartest, or even the most technically capable, candidates. Google is looking for the candidates who will best fit Google."

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Things you need to do to ace the interview and be a success at Google:
 Can you work in a team: It's more than cross functional. Teams at Google are international. To be

successful, show you have experience working in teams and embrace it. To this end, being able to speak about original and cool ways which you have worked on teams (and not just in leading them) is very helpful.
 Know Google's products: They will ask you what is your favorite product, least favorite, etc. Try to pick something a little less obvious than gmail or if you do pick gmail, have a personal reason/anecdote for why.
 For your least favorite Google products, be prepared to discuss what you would do to improve them. Also, be prepared to talk about your passions, even though they may not be directly related to
 Follow the news: What is Google up to? What products are coming out? What acquisitions are they making and why? How does it all come back to the company’s mission? Don't just recite the facts to them either, have a point of view on the issue at hand. Be ready to discuss what you think
Google's moves mean for the future - the future of different industries...or you as a user. More users
= more data = feeding Google's obsession for data - because they have data about SO many things.
 Memorize the mission: Knowing that cold and what it means will separate you from other candidates. All their employees can recite it in their sleep. "Google's mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful." DEFINITELY be able to refer to parts or the entire mission during the interview.
 What makes you Googley?: THIS IS A THING! People in the company ask you this question all the time. They make corporate decisions by asking themselves this question. It means does this make us unique? Quirky? Special? Is it evil? Is it in line with the company's moral compass? It's those additional items at the bottom of your resume. It's not just reciting them. Can you tell them about it in a way that gets them excited and makes them want to do it too/know more. It's a company of interesting people so be interesting. Their informal motto is "Don't Be Evil"
 Be yourself: You will hear this multiple times, but don't underestimate its