Acid Reflux Essay

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My disease is Gastroesophageal Disease and I thought I’d teach it to you all by defining these words and adding on information as we go.
After swallowing, food goes through a long tube called the esophagus, to the stomach. There, acids start breaking down the food. This process is of course digestion. Acids, or gastric juices, are usually confined to the stomach, where they are blocked from going up to the esophagus by a valve mechanism. The valve mechanism is made of two muscles that prevent the reflux of stomach content; the Lower Esophageal Sphincter and the diaphragm. When these muscles do not function properly, gastric juices re-enter the esophagus which is very painful because…The lining of the stomach is made of cells that can tolerate acids, the esophagus is not. The acid can irritate, destroy and scar the lining of the esophagus.
So review
Gastro is what?
Esophageal is what?
Reflux is what?
Which brings us to disease…. It is very common as it affects millions of people.
How can you get this terrible disease?
Well, your valve mechanisms must be weak, specifically the lower esophageal sphincter. Some chemicals, such as caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and chocolates can cause this weakness. GERD can also be caused by some foods like the ones you see up here in addition to fatty/fried foods, garlic, mint flavoring, spicy goods and vinegar. Also obesity, pregnancy and other medical conditions like hiatal hernias (when junction between esophagus and stomach are above level of diaphragm… diaphragm is