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Shakespeare Paper Assignment In Act III, Scene i of The Tempest, it’s a love attraction that inspired between Miranda and Ferdinand .In the play Miranda is astonished by the young man who happen to appeared on the island , where she, her father, and their slave Caliban lived. She is surprised and excited to see the third man on the island. And with the sight of Ferdinand, without any exposure and experience with the opposite sex or the world, without any understanding of what she likes and what she want in a relationship, she starts to create affections for him. While Miranda is with Ferdinand, she delivered a speech that persuades Ferdinand to love her by declaring her love, insisting marriage and pledging her commitment to him for the rest of her life. Miranda’s the daughter of Propose, have lived on the island for twelve years when she was at the age of three. Having no knowledge and experience with another woman or opposite sex, except her father and Caliban, their slave. “I do not know/ One of my sex; no woman’s face remember, / Save, from my glass, mine own. Nor have I seen/ More that I may call men than you, good friend, / And my dear father” (III .i. 49-52). Her character seems to be submissive and compassionate toward her father, in the beginning of the play, when her father narrated the story of how they were force to exile from Italy. But the charming and obedience character of Miranda took another meaning when she came into contact with Ferdinand on the island. She seems to have interest in Ferdinand than her beloved father. Without a knowledge of who he maybe, Miranda tried to convinced her father that Ferdinand was a gentle man. When the tension between her father and Ferdinand occurred, Miranda assured him, that her father was not a bad man” He is a good man by nature but not by his speech” (II.i.494-495).
Ferdinand who is supposedly the hire to his father throne, found himself on the island after their ship was wracked by the storm. Unlike Miranda, he has lived outside of the island and had experienced with other people. His character is different from Miranda because he informed her that he have met many women before in his life, “Full many lady/ I have eyed with best regard” (III.i.39-40). His character seems to be odd, despite his experiences with other women; at the first sight of Miranda, he approaches her by lavishing affection words upon her and expressing his feeling for her. Just before Miranda speech, she asked Ferdinand “Do you love me” (III.i.68)? He responded by professing his love for her, “Beyond all limit of whatever in this world, he do love, prize and honor her” (III .ii. 72-73). Miranda wept just before giving her speech. Her speech was intended to persuade Ferdinand into marrying her, declaring her love for him and challenging his love. Her character doing the speech was somehow different from the beginning of the play, her speech shows another side of her, it imply that she knew more than the innocent or predictable character she establish from the beginning of the play.To get Ferdinand attention, Miranda started her speech with a controversy statement “At mine unworthiness that dare not offer” (III. i. 79). Unworthiness is defined as “The character or quality of being unworthy” (Oxford English Dictionary), and dare is also defined as “An act of daring or defying; a defiance, challenge” (OED). This statement is controversial because Miranda is telling Ferdinand although I am not worthy of your love propose to me, but to know if you ready love me, I am going to challenge you love with an offer. It could also mean “I’m crying at how unworthy I am to give you what I wants” (Spark Note). And she continues her speech by telling him it may sound foolish but what I am dying to have. One of the argument statement that could have so many interpretations is “And all the more it seek to hide itself / The bigger bulk it shows” (III.i.80-81). One could argue that