Acts: Holy Spirit and Greatest Event Essay

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Acts 1-28
The greatest event to happen in the book of Acts, is when the Holy Spirit touches each of the apostles. Before Jesus goes to heaven he tells them to stay in Jeruselem so that they will get what God had promised them which was the Holy Spirit. Once they received the Holy Spirit they were able to speak many tongues people began to gathered and stood in amazement that they could here the wonders of God in their own tongue! Peter addressed the crowd to ensure them that the apostles were not drunk, but that the prophecy of Joel had been fulfilled, where God would pour his spirit upon his children and they would prophesy and see visions and signs. Peter explained to the crowd that they would need to repent for crucifying Jesus and ask him for forgiveness of their sins that they amy receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. As i was growing up in church i used to wonder why people shouted and why people spoke in languages i could not understand, i've always wanted to experience this feeling to know how it feels to be so close to God. I understand i have some room for a lot of correction in my life but God will use anybody to get his work done. Peter and John become major characters in the book of Acts, going around and speaking of the goodness of God even though they have been threatened and commanded not to by the higher priest. Sometimes man will challenge us to do things their way and a lot of us may succumb to them for fear of what they might do if we don't abide, but if you fear God then no man's threats should ever be enough to scare you out of doing what God has said to do. Being a christian can be a lonely walk, not everyone is equipped to deal with the things that you deal with. Friends and family will speak against you just from simply doing God's work as they did the prophet Stephen. Nobody wants to accept the truth, you'll be stoned and mocked for these things, but don't fear man continue living with the fear of God in your heart and do all that is right according to his word. Some people now days don't understand how important it is to get close to the sinners. As Peter did the Gentiles, we shouldn't judge and say anybody isn't old enough to receive the blessings of God. It is our responsibility to