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ADHD is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This disorder happens to be one of the most common child hood disorders. It can also affect adolescence and adulthood. This disorder can make it difficult to stay focus in school, since they can get bored easily. My best friend has this disorder and she has to take medication every day, but her ADHD can be triggered by simple bordness or a type of food additives, hers is red dye.
The symptoms for ADHD are difficulty staying focused and paying attention, difficulty controlling behavior, and hyperactivity (over-activity). There are different kinds of symptoms for different behaviors: inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. Children with symptoms of inattention may: easily distracted, frequently switch from one activity to another, daydream, become easily confused, move slowly, and having difficulty processing information as quickly and accurate as others. Children who have symptoms of hyperactivity may: fidget, squirm, talk nonstop, touching or playing with anything and everything in sight, Have trouble sitting still, constantly in motion, and having difficulty doing quiet tasks or activities. Children who have symptoms of impulsivity may: impatient, blurt out inappropriate comments, act without regard for consequences, have difficulty waiting for what they want or waiting for their turn in games, and often interrupt conversations. These are the symptoms for the behaviors in ADHD. ADHD can be caused by a variety of things. Genes is where the child inherits it from their parents is one way. Smoking or alcohol during pregnancy is a link between ADHD in children. Children who have brain injury show some behavior to those of ADHD. Sugar causes worse conditions of ADHD. Also there is there is the food additives such as artifitual colors or preservatives, that my best friend has. No single test can diagnose anyone with ADHD. Instead they have a licensed health professional collect info on the child. Before they can be sure its ADHD they have to rule out other possibilities for these symptoms. The health professional will also have to se if their environment is stressed or disrupted. For instance if the behaviors happen all the time or just in certain places. So ADHD is not an easy thing to figure out whether if the person has it
The most common type of medication used for treating ADHD is called a "stimulant." Although it may seem unusual to treat ADHD with a medication considered a stimulant, it actually has a calming effect on children with ADHD. Many types of stimulant medications are available. A few other ADHD medications