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This report contains information regarding the global brand Adidas in relation to the consumer’s decision making process and its positioning strategy. The report starts off with a brief introduction followed by the consumer decision making process section which goes into how a consumer would end up purchasing an Adidas product. This is then followed by the positioning strategies section which includes a perceptual map and discusses Adidas’s positioning differences and how it is slightly differently perceived to its main competitor Nike. This is finally followed by a conclusion which sums up the report.

The global brand Adidas is a sports clothing
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In a marketing sense Adidas has become better off simply because Nike’s sweatshop use was more publicised. Workers were exposed to harmful materials, hazardous situations and worked days exceeding 14 hours. Adidas hasn’t always been as big as Nike. Although they do have a classics shoes range and were around in the eighties and nineties, Nike has had a much more success in the past. This success can be contributed to by NBA hall of famer Michael Jordan who was and still is one of Nike’s biggest stars they have ever been involved with. Air Jordan has essentially become a brand in itself. Until the early two thousands, Nike has had such an edge over Adidas single-handedly because of Michael Jordan.
Because Adidas and Nike are so similar, the deciding factor on which brand is actually better has started to fully revolve around which athletes and sports are sponsored by who. Adidas sponsors David Beckham, arguably the biggest soccer player ever which was part of the reason Adidas caught up to Nike. Both companies sponsor prospective up and coming athletes in hope that they will reach the top of their sport and therefore have every fan wanting to wear what they wear. In summary, which brand is bigger and better will change according to how popular the athletes they are sponsoring are.

As can be seen, the decision making process is influenced by many factors in a consumers life being both internal and external influences and factors. Adidas has