Adler Planetarium Essay

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Adler Planetarium. This paper would discuss about the hand on experience that was obtained when I toured the Adler Planetarium located in Chicago and witnessed the exhibits and the show about the “Cosmic Collision”, which was a breathtaking tour around the space. The tour to the planetarium was really a wonderful experience in adding more value and flavor to the wide range of knowledge gained in the class, and it did really help me in grasping the real world experience. The show “Cosmic Collision”, about 20 minutes long and narrated by Robert Redford was a life time experience that portrayed the birth of several important members of our universe. And the Adler’s Definiti Space Theatre features an all digital 360 degrees …show more content…
Normally it takes million of years for collisions to occur, so the scientists says that the only way another collision could be avoided is only by detecting the asteroids early and either destroying it or deviating it from the field of collision. For this there should be a very powerful telescope to detect any object coming towards the Earth, which would incur very high cost. So, the scientists are working preventing a great collision that could happen as billions of years ago. Other than the movie on Cosmic Collision there was several exhibits that I was able observe around the planetarium. The most interesting part of the exhibit was, they provide us with a clicker kind of a thing which if we press the exhibit number, and the clicker has a speaker which would provide explanations about the exhibit. This technology provided me with a great easiness in understanding the features of the exhibits. There were several interesting exhibits out of which I would be explaining some of the exhibits. We studied about the asteroid the fell in Northern Arizona in our class, and there was a small piece of the original asteroid displayed that created a meteor crater in Arizona. Meteor Crater, in Northern Arizona, is one of the Earth's youngest impact craters. Studies indicate the crater was formed around 50,000 years ago by an iron mass or masses traveling in excess of 7 miles per second and releasing 10 to 20 megatons of energy on impact with the