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Chicago’s Inexpensive Attractions
Thesis Statement: There are many enjoyable attractions in the Chicago area that are inexpensive or even free. topic sentence 1: Some free attractions can be found within the parks of downtown Chicago. topic sentence 2: Another inexpensive attraction in downtown Chicago is Navy Pier. topic sentence 3: Some other inexpensive attractions in Chicago are the different museums and exhibits scattered around the downtown area.

To begin, after spending a summer in Chicago I have found ways to enjoy the city with spending little to no money. Chicago is notorious for its tourist attractions, particularly for families and friends. Some free attractions can be found
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Another attraction is the Field Museum, which features historical events that will fascinate all. The Adler Planetarium is yet another attraction in downtown Chicago, which is the home to a beautiful dome where one can see the different stars and planets around the universe. The Willis Tower, another exhibit/attraction in downtown, is the most well-known attraction in Chicago. The Sky Deck in the Willis Tower is another great tourist attraction that features glass floors, walls, and ceilings that expand a few feet outside the tower. All of these museums and exhibits are all within downtown Chicago and one can either choose to walk, ride a bike, or take a taxi to these locations. There are many enjoyable attractions in the Chicago area that are inexpensive or even free. Living near the city this past summer, I have found certain ways to experience all of what Chicago has to offer without breaking the bank. I have been to many if not all of these attractions located in downtown Chicago. One can explore the different parks, Navy Pier, and museums and exhibits throughout the city when being frugal with their money. Chicago is even bike-friendly that not only do bikes have their own lane in the streets but one can even rent a bike at a number of different bike-rental stations found around Chicago. It would be best for one to use public transportation or bike and walk to all of these attractions to save money as well as be able to enjoy the cities beautiful