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Admin of Criminal Justice

I agree with relocating the prison fifty miles away. There are many reasons why I agree with relocating it and the first is to get a new prison and it will make the public safe and ease their mind knowing that the old prison is shutdown so that no prisoners escape. The prison needs to be safe for everyone in the prison including the prisoners. The distance does not matter because people will travel to go to work and some will relocate to work. The prison will cost a lot of money to build but it will make up for it over time. A dangerous prison is something no one wants. It puts the employees at risk and the public. The reason we have a prison is to rehabilitate that individual, and if we have a dangerous prison and it is easy for them to escape then why even have a prison. If the new prison will be cheaper to operate and is more effective, than that is the right decision. If there were a prison riot and the guards were over ran, then the public would be in harm’s way. Most citizens would agree with me in my decision due to the fact of their families being safe. The overall moral that the new prison would give the employees would result in better more reliable workers. The employees would feel safer and more secure knowing that the new prison would hold up if something were to happen. The old prison is an eye sore anyway especially when it is in our state capital. If people go the Jackson, Mississippi and see a rundown old