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Research and discuss the impact, both pro and con, to the use of social media in today’s office operations. Include in your analysis the impact of both employee productivity as well as the economic impact of the equipment used to support social media. Administrative Research Project Social media is in technology and is used to establish communications privately, or in business form. It can include photos, videos, messaging, articles, networking, and blogs; but the list is unending. It is controversial; that social media really is as beneficial as it is portrayed to be by commercials and usage percentages. In a 3,000 worker survey the Orlando Sentinel did, one third of the workers said that the
Internet is as important to them as “air, water, food, and shelter.” Most companies agree.
Lately companies have thrown themselves into media marketing. In a survey Mckinsky
& Co. did of big businesses in the United States they said, “…90% said they have reaped at least one measurable business benefit.” They said those benefits were advertising as well as, “…using social networks to build teams that solve problems faster, share information better among their employees and partners, bring customer ideas for new product designs to market earlier, and redesign all kinds of corporate software in Facebook's easy­to­learn style.” In an article from
USA today it talked about how workers can stay connected through networking. Companies like being in touch with their customers with Facebook and other networking sites. “Big ideas always move from the consumer market into the enterprise market."
An example of that would be, “…on May 6, Dell posted a plan on IdeaStorm describing a

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